The five Chrome add-ons that programmers treasure up are recommended for those in need

Today we recommend a few of my favorite Chrome plugins to build a cool, cool browser that instantly takes you to the next level and proves that we are different. 1. The Momentum Note that this is awesome, it directly

Smartshot-Chrome screenshot and annotation tool that supports scrolling

Smartshot is a chrome screenshot tool is a Chrome screenshot tool, support area, scroll, notes, in addition to support the capture of Chrome desktop screen. Screenshots are a must. Almost anyone needs a screenshot for a variety of reasons, and

Here are five better chrome plugins to improve the experience and productivity

With 70% of the world's users, Chrome dominates the browser world, according to the latest figures from idc. So why are so many people using chrome? In addition to the simple and fast features of the browser itself, the most

GitHub is officially on Android and iOS! Look at code merge pull anytime, anywhere

GitHub will be late, but not absent. Finally, the mobile terminal officially released, both Android and iOS platform. Developers have long wanted the official GitHub mobile app! Today, users are spending more and more time on their phones, and there

Letsview: A free screen-projection tool, which can be used to screen computers and mobile phones and control the computer

Letsview is a free cross-platform screen projection tool, with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV client, support AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA protocol, can screen projection between mobile phone and computer, also can control Windows computer through App. The phone is projected