Use Chrome as a temporary HTTP server:Web Server for Chrome

Web Server for Chrome is a Chrome application, it can quickly start an HTTP Server on the local computer, for development and testing, also support file upload, download, easy to do a file Server, in addition to the Chrome browser, also applicable to ARM Chromebook.

Temporary server is very useful, such as temporarily upload and download a file, look at a photo, play a video and so on.

Web Server for Chrome can be implemented, just need to run, open the Web Server:

Then open in your browser.

As a simple Server, Web Server for Chrome has the following functions:

  • Running in the background
  • LAN access (public network support)
  • Preventing computers from sleeping
  • Displays index.html automatically
  • Custom port
  • CORS Header
  • IPv6 support
  • Rewrite rules for SPA

Basically, you just set up a Shared folder after you run it and start the server. In the advanced options to open the upload function, you can directly drag and drop the upload in the browser, convenient is convenient, but... It doesn't seem to work on the phone.

Web Server for Chrome can be installed in the Chrome store.

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