2020 YouTube video recommendation algorithm in detail

Many youtubers and KOL promoters overseas may wonder how YouTube's algorithm recommends videos, and how they get recommendations and more exposure. Why didn't fans get push notifications for new videos? How is someone else's video recommended to the home page? Will Monetization affect recommendations?

Most of the articles about "YouTube recommendation algorithm" that can be found on the Internet are abstruse machine algorithms. This article will explain the general working principle of the recommendation system and 5 important ways of recommendation in plain language. Attached is the latest official Q&A on recommendation algorithms in 2020.

I. understand the general algorithm of YouTube recommendation system

The recommendation algorithm is designed to continually increase the amount of time people spend watching videos on YouTube, recommending them based on their preferences -- YouTube's focus is not on what's being uploaded, but on what's being watched.

The recommendation algorithm has two steps: generate candidate videos & rank them

  1. Generating candidate videos will analyze two aspects:
    On the one hand, analyze the video: the number of views, the number of comments
  2. On the other hand, analyze the user: what did they watch, how long did they watch, and what did they not watchRanking: viewing record, freshness, and a series of hundreds of factors
  3. If the user did not watch the most recently recommended movie, the model automatically drops the movie's ranking the next time the page loads.
  4. If the user does not click on a particular movie, the algorithm no longer recommends it to similar users
  5. How to get algorithms to like your video: the more views and thumb up, the more priority the algorithm has to show

II. In what ways does YT recommend videos?

  • Search

The most relevant videos and channels are the title, description, and content matching of the video with the                  search content.

It doesn't matter how many views. But it will be sorted by viewing time + most interactions

How to make more people search:

1.1 use relevant words in the title and description of the video (see Google Trends)

1.2 include more in your description than just your social media account

  • View page recommendations

Depending on what the viewer has previously watched, the subject of the video

Recommended videos may come from different channels, but they are more likely to come from the channel                where  you are watching the video

How to actively recommend your own videos:

Let the audience watch your other videos

Recommend the next video through playlists, links, post-credits images, etc

  • Youtube page

Home page recommendations include: new videos, similar to videos watched by viewers, or some of the videos             subscribed.

Factors on the home page:

1.  video effects - interactive and thumb up rate

2.  refer to the viewing and search records of the viewer and the duration of watching a video

Tips for getting to the home page:

1. Continue to upload videos 2. Keep them engaging 3Keep producing content your audience like

  • It's the fashion

newly released promotional video and music

growth of vigorous video: the growth rate of video viewing times and the creation of new stars

  • Subscribe

Viewers may subscribe to a number of channels and publish them at the most appropriate time

Notification push: the system will only occasionally push notifications of new videos, and if you want subscribers to receive all notifications of new videos, direct them to the bell icon.

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