Youtube censorship that youtubers must understand

Whether it's a YouTuber running your own channel, or a brand doing its own marketing on YouTube, once you upload a video on YouTube, you need to understand the platform's censorship rules to ensure that your video is published and distributed. YouTube's censorship can be said to be relatively strict, often walking in the river YouTuber will not be careful to violate the rules, if the violations reach a certain number of times, will cause irreversible impact on the channel. Therefore, a serious study of the official review mechanism is essential.

YOUTUBE, like most video sites, has two main goals: compliance and copyright. Compliance issues involve a wider range of issues, including pornography, violence and terrorism, and involvement in politics. Copyright issues involve different kinds of audio, video and so on. Through the combination of technical means and manual audit to complete the audit work. Non-live content is reviewed first and distributed later, and the live content will be scanned in real time. The following is the community compliance and copyright audit two aspects of the audit provisions, and finally introduced the principle of fair use of copyright. Welcome thumb up, collection, attention, exchange.

I. community compliance audit

  1. Community non-compliance:
  • Nude or pornographic content
  • Harmful or dangerous content (video that incites others (especially children) to engage in dangerous behavior (which may cause them serious injury))
  • Content that promotes hatred: promotes or connives at violence against individuals or groups on grounds of race or ethnicity, religious belief, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity
  • Violent or bloody content
  • Harassment and cyberbullying
  • Spam, misleading metadata, and deception
  • Threats: bullying, stalking, threats, harassment, coercion, invasion of privacy, disclosure of personal information and incitement to violence
  • copyright
  • the right to privacy
  • impersonate someone else
  • contents endangering children

TIPS: if a brand works with a channel that is sensitive to community norms, such as street jokes or motorcycle stunts, it can warn YouTuber in advance to confirm whether the content of the video will be regulated to avoid the risk of violation

     2. Community Guidelines strike

  • Warning- first violation

The First warning is First Strike

You can't upload videos, live streams, short stories, create custom thumbnails or post community posts within a          week.

After a week, all permissions will be automatically restored, but the alert will remain on the channel for 90 days.         Deleting relevant content will not remove the warning.

  • Second Strike

If a second warning is received within 90 days of the first warning, it cannot be published for two weeks.

If there are no further problems with the account during this period, all permissions will be automatically                     restored after two weeks. The warning will remain on the channel for 90 days.

  • Third Strike

If you receive three alerts within 90 consecutive days, the channel will be permanently removed from YouTube.          If there is any objection to the warning, the video owner can appeal.

II. Copyright review mechanism

1. YouTube 4 copyright management tools

Manual copyright claim submission tool, content removal application form (occasionally removed)

  • Copyright match tool
  • Content verification program (designed for YT's copyrighted partners to make multiple removal requests simultaneously)
  • Content ID copyright claim (channels with a large amount of original Content often uploaded on YouTube can be entitled to use Content ID by filling in an application)

2. General working principle of the audit tool:

  • Content ID system contains VideoID (VideoID) and AudioID (AudioID) monitoring two kinds of functions, respectively has the function of comparing whether video and audio infringement, video function USES Heat map method to compare video. It scans the library of videos uploaded to YouTube based on the data submitted by the uploader. If the video or audio Content on YouTube overlaps with the upload, a Content ID copyright notice is automatically sent to the uploader and the copyright owner via email, etc.

3. Tort

3.1 audio tort:

  • Use others' content without copyright permission.
  • Buying content does not give you the right to upload it to YouTube. Even if you identify the copyright owner, publishing these videos may violate copyright law.
  • Even if you create your own music, it is possible that the Content ID system will be recognized and warned, because your distribution company and YT may have reached a Content ID cooperation
  • Cover songs, to obtain the copyright owner (that is, songwriters or music publishers) permission
  • Youtube's music catalogue may be banned in certain countries, depending on national regions and policy changes
  • In YT released the video game with the game background music, may be game publishers think copyright infringement, play the game to be silent
  • Recorded video background sound (TV or car stereo music) there is copyrighted music in the play, the need to obtain the right owner's permission.
  • The official video at Time_continue = 168 = cYurafmTwcw & v
  • If you encounter copyright problems with your video, how to correct them:
  • Share the proceeds of this video with the copyright owner, mute the clip with the song playing completely, mute the song only, replace the song, and cut out the content

3.2 film infringement:

  • direct use of copyrighted movie clips, photos
  • derivative works created on the basis of others, including continuation, translation, derivation, adaptation, etc
  • Use copyright to protect the characters, storylines and other elements of the content
  • All live broadcasts will be scanned. When third-party content is found, YT will replace the live broadcast picture with a placeoccupying picture and send a warning until the system cannot detect third-party content.

4. Copyright strike

  • There is only one kind of warning: copyright warning. The consequence of receiving 3 copyright warnings:
  • The system will terminate the account and any associated channels
  • All videos uploaded to the channel will be removed
  • Cannot create a new channel
  • Live or archived live videos have been removed due to copyright issues and will not be available for 90 days.

5. Four principles of fair use of copyright

  • Use purpose and nature
  • No commercial or non-profit activities
  • Nature of copyright works
  • The use of fact-based works is more likely to be considered fair use than the use of purely fictional works.
  • The proportion and proportion of the part quoted in the whole copyright work
  • The use of small amounts of original material may be justified. However, if the quoted content is a "core" part of the original work, even if it is only a small part of the whole, it may still violate the fair use principle in some cases.
  • the effect of use on the potential market or value of copyright works
  • The fair use principle is usually unlikely to be met if the use harms the circumstances under which the copyright owner profited from the original work.

TIPS: if the channel type of brand cooperation includes film/dubbing/song cover, you can remind the YouTuber in advance to communicate and confirm whether the content of the implanted video is properly used to avoid the risk of violation.

In short, knowing the rules ahead of time can allow youtubers and brands to avoid the consequences of video being regulated and taken off the shelf, so that videos can be better distributed, or advertising videos can have a better long tail.



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