How to config V2RayX

V2rayX is a MAC client based on the V2ray core, but the GUI interface does not support the configuration of shadowsocks, and the interface is in English.


  1.  Extract the downloaded zip, get the file, and drag it into the "applications" folder;
  2. Find V2rayX in the "launcher" and click open. The first time you open it, there will be a security prompt box.
  3. Then open "system preferences" -> "security and privacy" and click "still open" at the bottom:Enter the login account password in the new authorization pop-up box, and the confirmation prompt box will appear again. Click "open" :
  4. Click the V2rayX icon in the status bar above to display the main menu bar:
  5. Click configure to enter the server configuration screen:
  6. According to the server information, enter IP or address, port, user id, alterid, and user level, and the security is generally auto. Type a name that is easy to remember in the tag. Then choose a hosted network, typically TCP. If you use a disguise (don't fill it out if it doesn't work!) , click transport Settings to enter the advanced setting interface, fill in the camouflage path and host name in "websocket", check "use TLS" in TLS, and check "TLS allow insecureciphers" and "TLS allowinscure", and fill in the host name in TLS servername.If there is a problem in use, you can adjust the log level to info, and then click show log to view the log. Once configured, click ok to save the configuration.

    It is recommended to check pac mode in the main interface, and then click load core to start the software.

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