How to config V2RayW

V2rayW is a simple UI program based on v2ray core on Windows platform. At present, it only supports vmess protocol, not shadowsocks and socks5. This site details the installation and configuration of v2rayW use steps, hope to help v2rayW users.

Read the premise of this tutorial:

  1. Install the client: find the downloaded installation Program and find a suitable directory to unzip (it is not recommended to put it in the "Program Files" folder of C disk, there will be permission problems);
  2. Double-click "v2rayw.exe" in the folder, and an icon will appear in the system tray after the program is started (the system tray is the bottom right corner of the desktop, showing the time input method). If the program does not respond and no ICONS appear under the tray, please first update the system and install Framework 4.7.2 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86).
  3. Right-click the V2RayW icon of the system tray and click "configure". Click "add" in the configuration window, and then fill in the server's IP, port, user id and additional id in the "server information" on the right. The encryption method is generally "auto", and the network type and transmission Settings should be consistent with the server (such as TCP or ws). Write a catchy name on the label, such as "Tokyo vmess". If you use advanced techniques like camouflage (if it doesn't work, forget it!) , click "transfer Settings" to configure the websocket domain name, path information, and configure TLS column (check allowinscure and other two boxes). Once configured, click "save".

    NOTE: If there is a problem in use, please select "info" for the log level to facilitate the view of the log.

  4. If there is no special requirement, it is generally not recommended to change the information of "V2ray internal routing rules" and "PAC list"; If you know the specific purpose, you can change it as needed.If the server information is configured correctly, then you can visit Google's overseas website happily.

NOTE: if you still can't access the external network after the configuration, please confirm that the IP, port number, id and extra id are all correct, and then check whether the time of the computer is the same as on the phone! If the difference is more than one minute, please adjust the system time!


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