The five Chrome add-ons that programmers treasure up are recommended for those in need

Today we recommend a few of my favorite Chrome plugins to build a cool, cool browser that instantly takes you to the next level and proves that we are different.

1. The Momentum

Note that this is awesome, it directly makes your chrome look different from others, it's a chrome must have, we can use it to create a cool new TAB, and every day is different, every day gives you a high-quality background, every day is different mood. Don't believe me. Let's take a look.

I won't tell you whether it's cool or not, but for you, the key is that every day is different, and you can add more todoList features that you can explore on your own, because there are more important recommendations for you, and this is the beginning, and you're excited.

2. New Tab Dribbble

Every time you open a new TAB, you will be the first time to show the daily boutique design works, you can see every day from the work of the great god, it is a source of inspiration, work from Dribbble. Unfortunately, there is only one of them and Momentum.

3. OneTab

OneTab is really like a god for our technicians, we are working hard to avoid in the process of development of data access, open a lot of tabs but could not bear to delete, as the main browser tabs opened to not only affect our search later, also very take up computer memory, is our computer is very card, that doubt their computer performance is not good.

With OneTab, it's not a problem at all, it helps you collect all the tabs into OneTab, and it also frees up our memory, and when we need it, we can just click restore and continue using it. It's as simple as that.

4. Isometric Contributions

There are some designers recommended, or tools that anyone can use, so this should be a programmer only, it can make our Github contribution map into 3D effect, very suitable for the installation is not, is not very big.


The developer's new TAB, it will create a new TAB to show the best current open source projects, it is simply, since my mother will never worry about me learning to write code, but also support Google, baidu, bing, yahoo.

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