Smartshot-Chrome screenshot and annotation tool that supports scrolling

Smartshot is a chrome screenshot tool is a Chrome screenshot tool, support area, scroll, notes, in addition to support the capture of Chrome desktop screen.

Screenshots are a must. Almost anyone needs a screenshot for a variety of reasons, and it takes some skill to capture an elegant image, but Smartshot is easy to use.

Smartshot has six main features:

  • Intercepts the current visible screen
  • Capture the entire page (scroll)
  • Intercept selected area
  • Self-portrait screenshot (screen shot after 3 seconds countdown, suitable for posing)
  • Capture desktop
  • Upload local pictures

One of the desktop screen capture can be directly desktop screenshots, but the use of the young green frog did not know how to use...

After the screenshot is completed, we will enter the annotation page:

Annotation function is very simple, enough to use.

In addition to saving screenshots locally, it also supports saving to Imgur, Smartshot, and Google Drive

For students who have basic requirements for screenshot function, they can do without the screenshot tool on the screen. Smartshot is enough.

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