Here are five better chrome plugins to improve the experience and productivity

With 70% of the world's users, Chrome dominates the browser world, according to the latest figures from idc. So why are so many people using chrome? In addition to the simple and fast features of the browser itself, the most important is the chrome plug-in, chrome plug-in is the soul of chrome, no plug-in is not chrome, today MCCM again to recommend you five improve the use experience and improve work efficiency of chrome plug-in.

1. OneTab

OneTab is a can in the user open too much Chrome TAB and click "overwhelmed" OneTab plug-in a key release Chrome tabs memory Google browser plug-ins, OneTab plug-in is not as direct as close the browser all tabs are closed off, it will be the existing labels are cached pages, and then use the function of a button to turn off all the TAB pop-up only a back window of a new TAB, In the tabs of the OneTab plug-in, users can choose to restore the useful Chrome tabs and discard the others that should be closed.

The restore TAB, OneTab plug-in will, in the form of a new TAB to recover, so users can simply click a few mouse clicks finds out useful tags can be back together, when the user opens the Chrome TAB when excessive use OneTab plug-in can save users about 95% system memory, also can let users more clearly in the case of smaller TAB attention should be focused on Chrome TAB.

2. Tab Snooze

Tab Snooze is a magical Tab plug-in, you can shut it down when users don't need a Tab, in the time required for magically open automatically, installed the Tab in Chrome Snooze after plug-in, the user can focus on the currently browsing Tab, for the other tabs, you don't need to temporarily shut down, and set a time, so that at the next open automatically.

3. Extensions Manager

Extensions Manager is a chrome add-in management tool for Google browser users. It provides a more convenient and efficient way of managing Extensions than native extension management. It can pop up floating window, a button switch any installed plug-ins, compared with other similar plugin its UI is much more elegant, is the most outstanding a chrome extension manager, a quick, simple and safe three major characteristics, can all extension a key management, including expanding rapidly enable/disable, batch management of lightning, intelligent sorting, right click uninstall, locking, option configuration, corner mark reminds, size distribution as match etc. Function. If you're struggling with the plethora of chrome extensions and don't want to delete them yourself, try this chrome extension manager, which definitely helps you manage chrome extensions easily.

Extensions Manager plug-in functionality

  • Open/close the extension with one key;
  • Lightning management: double-click the blank area to close all open extensions (except those that are locked or subject class extensions);
  • Intelligent sort: intelligent sort according to your enabled frequency;
  • Right click menu: lock, uninstall, option configuration, home page and other shortcut functions;
  • The corner mark displays the number of open extensions in real time, and closes the reminder after use (except for locked or theme class extension);

4. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is an eye-protection extension that enables night mode for every website by generating a black theme in real time. Dark Reader inverts bright colors to make its web content high contrast and easy to read at night. The Dark Reader extension does more than just reflect the colors of the sites you visit. Powered by the new Chrome engine features, it USES special intelligence to turn bright blind eyes into relaxed, high-contrast, reflective, dark themes, and just smart web pages that are easy to read at night. Use this extension to take care of your eyes. Now use the filter to adjust, set the font and ignore the list! In addition, the Dark Reader provides several adjustment items for users to customize, such as brightness, contrast, gray scale... Etc., so that you can adjust to the most comfortable state, even if you do not like all black and do not want to be too bright white, but also manually adjust to the middle of the warm color state. Some sites do not want to use, as long as the url is added to the exclusion list, when browsing these specific sites can remain intact, on the use of a fairly free.

Dark Reader plug-in features

  • Flip the page color and use dark themes to browse at night and during the day.
  • Use special intelligent ways to relax the user's eyes.
  • High contrast, reflective, dark theme and other styles.
  • You can use filters to adjust, set fonts and ignore lists.
  • Use the hotkey Alt + Shift + D to switch on/off and Alt + Shift + A to add the current website to your website list

5. Markdown Here

Markdown Here plug-in is a Chrome Markdown editor plug-in, installed either in the blog background, or email, as long as the support Markdown where the rich text, can be used with Markdown code written after the first click on the browser icon to convert HTML code, help you faster better write email, automatically help users organize email format, users need not spend too much time on E-mail format, for instance, We can write a good article Jane (with md grammar) directly copied to WeChat public, and then a key conversion, the format almost no change! Markdown Here is primarily intended for Gmail and Thunderbird, but it also works well with Yahoo and Hotmail.

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