GitHub is officially on Android and iOS! Look at code merge pull anytime, anywhere

GitHub will be late, but not absent. Finally, the mobile terminal officially released, both Android and iOS platform.

Developers have long wanted the official GitHub mobile app!

Today, users are spending more and more time on their phones, and there is a growing need to remotely process things like repo and issue. GitHub, with 40 million developers, has never had an app of its own, which has undoubtedly hindered productivity.

Developers have had to build a lot of third-party GitHub apps themselves. However, none of them can touch the core pain point of GitHub users, the function is weak, and the most substantial needs of developers have not been met.

GitHub had previously released an app, only to pull it soon after it was put on the shelf, and it went nowhere for a long time. Until the year before, when GitHub was acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion, the speed of app development seemed to accelerate as a result of that $7.5 billion blessing. The public Beta was launched four months ago, allowing developers to apply for a test qualification.

The official client gives developers more flexibility and supports dark mode!

Now, GitHub has finally said goodbye to Beta and is officially available to everyone.

With the official GitHub mobile version, we can now view code anywhere, share feedback, manage and categorize incoming notifications, collaborate on issues and extract requests, and never miss important content.

The App also ADAPTS to the phone's resolution, which can be adapted to various screen sizes automatically. Even better, as a native app, GitHub mobile supports dark mode!

GitHub also lists three main features of its application:

  • Swipe to defragment tasks
  • swipe to complete tasks
  • save notifications for later processing

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