5 free remote office software that can replace TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the best remote desktop software on the market. It provides a platform for desktop sharing, remote control and file transfer. It can work through various firewalls and NAT agents. You can connect multiple scattered workstations, and you can also use it Transferring files between computers or holding a video conference is ideal for working remotely during an outbreak.

However, considering that the license of TeamViewer is not cheap and not perfect (such as high network speed requirements, does not support high-resolution full-screen display, etc.), the following MCCM recommends five remote desktop software that are good enough to replace TeamViewer in whole or in part.

  • ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the best free alternative to TeamViewer, specifically for creating video conferences, providing high-definition audio and video, so you can listen and watch what other members are communicating. If someone ’s sound interferes with your listening to the meeting, you can “mute” him, and ezTalks Cloud Meeting also provides interactive whiteboard and desktop sharing for all participants.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

    This is a free remote program that functions like an extension paired with a chrome online browser. Chrome Remote Desktop can provide instant support or unattended availability for your computer. Mac, Linux and Windows computers can install this free TeamViewer alternative. Any Android device that can download apps through Google Play is available. Provide a variety of free and rich remote access resources, download and install are very fast. In addition, Chrome Remote Desktop also supports multiple monitors, but there is no chat function.

  • Splashtop

Splashtop is the fastest, easiest, and most secure free alternative to TeamViewer. It can be accessed from your Android or tablet computer with Windows or Mac anytime, anywhere. You can use Splashtop's high-quality video access to manage your networked computers for free. You can access documents, applications, full browsers with Java and Flash support, email and games. The remote camera function helps you to monitor places, people and things with real-time video in the webcam.

  • Ammy Admin

Ammy admin is a reliable, reliable and cost-effective software for remote assistance, management, remote learning and remote desktop sharing anytime, anywhere. It does not require specific settings or any installation process. After Ammy Admin started running, you can find the remote desktop in a short time and start working normally. Therefore, Ammy Admin can also be regarded as one of the best free alternatives to TeamViewer. Its main advantages are easy to use, feature-rich, the best standard for data transmission protection, and very good for different types of companies and individual users. Cost-effective.

  • Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop allows you to connect to another system operation window separately and to use all files and programs on that computer. Of course, both computers need to run Windows. Most use cases of Windows Remote Desktop are accessing office computers from home computers, which means that you need to turn on the RDP service of your work computer. It also means that you may need to sacrifice a part of the security because the attacks against RDP vulnerabilities are very rampant, so When using Windows Remote Desktop during a new corona virus, Security Bull recommends that you first follow the company's cybersecurity management policies.

  • In conclusion

The above free software is not suitable for every company and team. You may need to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each product and make the best choice based on your own needs, business size, preferences and budget.

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