Berrycast - screen recording sharing tool [Windows/macOS]

Berrycast Is a very easy to use screen recording sharing tools, only need to record screen, upload, share. Support for microphone, camera, area/full screen.@MCCM

Screen recording has always been the ultimate way to teach someone how to use a computer (except for remote control), but it's not always easy to share. The problem is that the screen size is too large to share through IM, and many people don't know how to record a screen.

Berrycast solves both problems, very simply. After running, a menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen:

After mouse over, you can click Record and select the size (full screen/area) :

Click the green button here to record it in full screen (5 seconds countdown), or drag and drop the desired area.

Then, you can choose whether to turn on the camera or microphone:

Then you can record the screen happily.

After clicking stop, it is automatically uploaded to Berrycast's server and gets a share link. You can think of a Berrycast as a picture bed in a recorded version.

So far, the Shared link is directly accessible and not too fast.

Berrycast is a free service. Its website is here.

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