HiddenMe-Quickly hide all icons and files on macOS desktop

HiddenMe is a simple macOS gadget that can help you quickly hide all the icons on your desktop, and also give you a refreshing screen for viewing, screenshots, screen recording, etc.

It's very simple, just hide all the icons and files on the desktop.
There is nothing extra. After running, find the HiddenMe icon in the menu bar and open the properties:
Can see some options inside:

Left one: HiddenMe

The first line is booting, and the third to last line is clicking the icon to hide / show the icon. Green Little Frog thinks that opening these two is enough. Note that right-click to open the properties at this time. The penultimate line is a double-click on the desktop display icon.

To use it in the future, just click the small icon on the menu bar:

When many dots are displayed on the small icon of HiddenMe, it means that the icon is not hidden; when the small dot becomes dark, the icon is hidden.

HiddenMe can be installed for free on the Mac App Store.

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