Letsview: A free screen-projection tool, which can be used to screen computers and mobile phones and control the computer

Letsview is a free cross-platform screen projection tool, with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV client, support AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA protocol, can screen projection between mobile phone and computer, also can control Windows computer through App.

The phone is projected onto the computer:

  • IOS to macOS
  • IOS is projected to Windows
  • Flip Android to macOS
  • Android to Windows
  • Among them, iOS can use the native screen mirroring function, no need to install any apps, just need to install software on the computer can.

The computer is projected onto the phone:

  • MacOS is projected to iOS
  • MacOS is projected to Android
  • Windows projection & control to iOS
  • Windows projection & control to Android
  • Computers and mobile phones need to install software, and after the screen, you can also use the paintbrush function, you can write on the computer screen.

Windows supports direct remote control.

Please ensure that all devices are in the same LAN, it can be very simple to achieve the screen projection between devices.


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