How many articles are updated every day for optimal results?

For web site update frequency of the incident, from the most began to come into contact with SEO, to start a blog, are update frequency of the tip of the day, so some articles about web site update maintenance before may also recommend to you need a content update every day at least, one important reason is the search engine to a crawl habit, before the son all in post basic is to do regularly published article, basic it is in every day at eight o 'clock in the morning, after a period of time, collected are also very timely and regularly.

The search engine has now pay more and more attention to original content, so for the web site update frequency, seem not so important, as long as the content is original, good enough, fetching and can in the shortest possible time to complete, before the timing of release such habit becomes less important.

So back to today's topic, how many articles are updated every day is the best? Or simply share a little reference! Depending on the type and nature of the site, there are two types:

  1.  The corporate or personal blog site, also is to belong to small web site, a day can stick to update the article content is enough, and it is best to regular updates, and even could guarantee the quality of the article and the value of the output, if just arbitrarily reproduced, and does not guarantee a post every day update frequency, suggests a week to do a high quality original content for the best.
  2. The perpendicularity website news portal or industry, which belongs to the large and medium-sized site, updated every day the number of articles can not be so one, or even a few article, is probably dozens of hundreds, and may be content for news portal original degrees do not necessarily will be very high, and the vertical site relatively very targeted, according to the situation of industry competition and can keep 5 premium content updates every day output is very good.

Of course, if you can guarantee the output are original content, and can have is belong to the excellent article content, no matter what type of site or blog, you can not limit, but with a focus on the need to keep update frequency and quantity can have almost every day, rather than ten today, hope may be an article or not, this is also not too mode of operation, ShouHua said a break, have a good plan to site content, do keep updating the output, is not only conducive to the site in the search engine optimization, and can continue to attract and keep visitors, to achieve a state of continuous attention.

Finally, I still want to sum up a simple sentence, since I want to do a good job in website optimization, it is necessary to update the output of a quality content every day, it is possible to do more original. For the general site is enough, do not blindly pursue the quantity, of course, if it is a new site or too little content and old site, the early update can be strengthened.

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