WordPress tutorial: preparation for building a site

In recent years, more and more friends have joined the ranks of independent WordPress blogs, but there are many friends still lingering, I think, one of the main reasons for lingering is not clear whether WordPress will be difficult to set up a site? What do I need to prepare?

Let's take a quick look at the composition of independent websites: domain name + host space +WordPress+ site maintenance, so we need to prepare around these components.

1. Make good use of baidu or Google search engines

I think that's the most important! You may say, search who can't use ah, but, in fact, there are a lot of friends who can't use! Again, use search, only you can't think of, nothing you can't find. Webmaster, must make good use of search!

2. Basic knowledge of Html+CSS

Basic knowledge of Html+CSS is very important and very basic, and if you don't even have the passion to learn this stuff, then don't bother! How to learn? It is recommended that you search for relevant video tutorials and take your time.

3. Get familiar with WordPress quickly

Now, for the construction of personal website, we no longer need to write our own program, you just need to download the WordPress system, you can easily start your site journey, of course, you must learn to install and use WordPress, the network has many basic tutorials, your search.

4. Open online banking and alipay

Build a station to must buy domain name and host space, also want to use pay on the net, the most basic is to open net silver and pay treasure.

5. Can register and manage domain names, can purchase and manage host space

Domain name and host space selection, purchase and management, is a must, so you have to understand the relevant knowledge.

6. Master an FTP program and a code editing program

Website files are usually uploaded and downloaded via FTP, so you must learn to use an FTP software; In addition, you also need to be able to use a code editing software, because, the site will have to change the code.

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