The world's biggest car company by market capitalisation: Why is Tesla worth $200bn

On June 30, Tesla shares closed at $1,079.81 per share, up 6.98%. Shares in the Us electric car maker Tesla have hit another record high. As of July 1 (LOCAL time), Tesla shares closed at $1,119.63 per share, up 3.69%,

Local criticism of Xiaomi's "Made in India" statement: Hurt The feelings of The Indian people

On June 26, Xiaomi began updating the front faces of its offline stores in India, covering the xiaomi logo with the slogan "Made in India." However, just a day later, Xiaomi's move in India was bombarded by interests. The Federation

WordPress tip: use wp_defer_term_counting for bulk classification for efficiency

If our volume for some articles classification, set up a WordPress will perform wp_update_term_count_now function to calculate the use of the classification number, this function will produce three SQL, if set to 20 articles classification, then can produce 60 SQL,